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Q1: I would like to make my own amateur home made videos but don't know how to?
Well first you need to get yourself either a Digital Camera or a Digital Camcorder. Have a look at www.amazon.com 'Camera & Photo' section. Most digital cameras can record short length movies, how long depends on the amount of memory installed. If your more serious about recording your own private porn movies go for the 'Digital Camcorder' option where you can record much longer sex videos.

Q2: I have recorded a movie on my Digital Camera/Camcorder how do I submit it to your site?
(a) Either remove the memory card/stick from your Digital Camera and insert it into your computer memory/card stick reader, browse using 'Explorer' or 'My Computer' onto the memory card/stick (just like browsing on your C: drive). Select the movie file and copy it to your C: hard drive. Then simply Upload Your Movie Here

(b) Transfer the movie via USB or Firewire from your Digital Camera/Camcorder to your computer. This again is pretty simple, please consult your digital camera/camcorder manual for this procedure. Then simply Upload Your Movie Here

Q3: What movie format do you prefer to receive?
We accept any format so don't worry about sending us movies in any of these formats: .wmv .mpg .avi .mpeg .mov

However, if you are skilled enough we recommend you use the .wmv format using Windows Media Encoder 9 available for free from the www.microsoft.com website.


Q4: I've sent my movie in, how long before it will be displayed?
We understand people are eager to see their movies online/receive feeback so we always try to show them as soon as possible.

Q5: How do I cancel my membership or access customer support?
This information is also available on our join page http://www.homemadevideosx.com/join.php under the title 'Customer Services'. Basically to cancel your membership or access customer support simply visit https://support.ccbill.com/

Q6: I have another question not answered here?
We are always willing to help and answer questions, just send us an Email